Sep 3, 2009

and hours turned into days...

Well, Today is the second day of class. I feel like I have been on autopilot. Semi-emotionless. Which is an extreme difference to last week. It is weird that I have only been here for six days. It hasnt even been a full week. I think I am trying not to feel something. My eating has sort of gone to shit. But I havent taken the time to acknowledge it or assess it. Maybe I dont want to. Actually, I know that I dont want to.
I am so relieved that orientation is over. Honestly, that sort of left a sour taste in my mouth for a bit. It was awkward and unappealing. I am glad that it will not be like that anymore. And I'm slowly finding more and more people to hang out with. I met this guy last night. His name is (ironically) Sam. He's from Boston and really cool. I couldnt get a really firm grasp on him but, he seems like a potentially cool person to hang out with. Also Megan and I have been hanging out a lot. It is nice to have someone right across the hall that I feel relatively comfortable around. Grace is cool but we are sort of forming our own groups of friends. And that is perfectly fine. Nick is one of Megan's music friends. He is very interesting... and loudish. Also Lindsey is around to hang out with and Mike Popwell. Who I hung out with tonight. I really like him and hope that we get to hang out more. I am gradually meeting people in my classes as well. I know a few people from my french class who are also in my history class. And there is a girl in my poli sci class from my history class as well as a girl from Vestavia.
Today I found out that Alex is coming down for Thanksgiving Break on the TwentyFirst of November. I dont get out of school for the Break until the TwentyFifth. But, that is okay. I will be excited to see her. And she is bringing one of her school friends down.
Next week Aubrie is coming back to Birmingham. Jessica is coming with her but I dont know how long Jess will be here. I honestly can not wait to see Aubrie. I have not seen her in like a month. And it is ridiculous. I miss her tons. Last night we discussed how we could make our dream a reality. That is in our grasp. And that feels good to think about and know. I am so very lucky to have someone as loving and accepting and caring as she is.
My French class is going to be a lot of work only because it is five days of the week. The other two classes at least give me a little more time to prepare for. I think that political science will be very interesting. But the history just intimidated the hell out of me today. The teacher was there when mom and dad where. He is funny but strict. More importantly, the amount of work that is required for the class involves about two hours of studying/homework for every hour in class. So, needless to say, it is going to be a lot of library time. Oh, well. I'm going to be optimistic and tell myself that I can do it. Because, I can. It is not impossible to succeed.