Mar 31, 2010

Stop Me if You've Heard This One Before...

I've been saying the same thing for years.
My tongue has memorized -
the stories -
have shaped themselves
to the roof of my mouth.
Haven't you heard this one before?
Recycling the same silly words
with an appealing spin.
Baby, Honey, Sweetheart.
Eventually my thesaurus will fail me.
Will redundant forms of
self-expression bring my demise?
That would be clever.
But I wouldn't stop.
Not even with all the answers.
I dont need a map to
cheat this game.
It is short enough,
without my help.
The alphabet doesn't lose it's beauty -
And sincerity is not lost
through repetition.
If anything, made stronger.
So, in case you missed it the first time,
I'll say it all again...
I am lost. I am chaos.
I am clarity and black coffee.
I am strong but I fall down.
I can swim.
Pretty baby, I am breathless
from the beauty of this life.
I am crushed. I am high.
I am yellow.
I am crossing my fingers and
I would do it all again,
not change a thing.
Fishlips and butterfly kisses,
broken, bent or bruised.
Scream a little louder.
Make somebody notice.
And it's the little things that will
always render me breathless.

Mar 29, 2010

Rome wasn't build in a day

and neither was this
magnificent mayhem.
Bruises are another story.
Materialize overnight.

Mar 28, 2010

Clarity in the Concise.

Dont cross your fingers
and dont hold your breath.
Dont you wish you knew
that years ago?
before that beating in
your chest grew so loud
that it was useless
keeping secrets?
an escape route from that
shimmering disappointment.
Some days I do and
some days I dont and
I will always wish on
that first star in the sky.
Whisper you my secrets,
now dont prove me wrong.
Turn out the lights and
forget the alarm.
I know your time is precious,
but all time is, sweetheart.
Dont use up all your excuses,
I might just shock you and
stick around a while.
Winter is almost over,
we could go for a drive.