Jan 6, 2009

So, i had a disturbing conversation today. One of the Juniors in my Sociology began a rant about population control. We were talking about childhood diseases ... physical and mental, but terminal (or severely handicapping). Horrible things. Cancer, retardation, failed organs, miscarriages. Things that no one would ever wish on a parent or child. 

But the boy look at these things in a completely unemotional fashion. He saw this as the purest form of population control. Now, my Sociology teacher has two children. One is 7 the other is 3 or so. She was obviously and understandably disgusted. And so was I, at first. 

While these diseases/disorders are terrible and damaging (to the children and parents) I understand what he was saying. Without them, the world would be maybe double the size it is now. And lets face it, we're running out of space. 

Anyways, just thought it was an interesting topic. 

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