Apr 18, 2010


1. Changing Seasons -
the sun holds the living in captivation for eternities at a time. Some days the pretty pixels are more than enough to make my heart beat. Some days it still feels like gray-sky winter.

2. Sharp Tongued -
Dear, who taught you that when your charm and whit fail, resorting to condescending accusations is the acceptable Plan B for winning hearts? They were wrong.

3. Attention To Detail -
yes, it's true, when you're young everything is the end of the world. I remember but pay close attention. See the sunset and the fireflies? Salvation hides in the smallest things - just open your eyes, my love.

4. Mysteries Abound -
teeth and eyes - smiles and sighs and I don't owe anyone anything. It took a while, learning to remove the stitching from the heart on my sleeve. The price to pay for becoming a question mark.

5. Second Glances -
i know that i will look back and be desperate to say that I did all that i could. Regrets are expected. Smile and keep driving. What's behind you is done. Keep your eyes on the road, baby. Don't hold your breath waiting for tomorrow.

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