Feb 17, 2010


1. He fit every Disney Princess on one cake. Just for me.
2. Bailing you out of jail with my allowance. Quarters and dimes.
3. Good days and bad days. But mostly I dont want to remember.
4. Utah is cold in the winter.
5. White lilies found me on the streets of Washington D.C.
6. I drove and you picked the music and the sun was still shinning, i swear.
7. Smacked my head on the window sill when I fell. You drugged me with my own pills.
8. I can count my yellow days on two hands and two feet.
9. Hate to say "I told you so" - especially to myself.
10. Sweet disposition.
11. Youre too good to be true but i'll never say I didnt try.
12. Sleepy sighs, I can see my breath in this weather and it's a small world, after all.

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