Feb 17, 2010

you look like night time.

criss-cross my fingers and
glance at the empty goldfish bowl.
Is irresponsibility genetic?
no, but alcoholism and sarcasm are.
Fingers go numb hoping
my blue eyes will once more
cause a cease-fire.
Where would we be without wishful thinking?
look up at the stars
only a small crack to see them through.
Calm down, the yelling stopped.
Watch closely - those stars are shooting.
I've been hit before,
but not like this.
sitting on the white tile floor in a
pool of my own bright blood,
colors bring tears to my eyes.
The blue ones that failed me.
It's my toes that are bleeding.
footsteps and the door opens and
she looks horrified.
I promise it was an accident. I Swear.
All i wanted was to see the view
Don't worry, love, there's only
stardust in my veins now.

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