Feb 17, 2010

there's no curtain call in sight.

Stick around a while, watch the sparks fly.
Yellow days disperse like a crowd in a rainstorm.
I crave the warm weather like my
daily dose of prescriptions. longing for you.
I'm wide-eyed and thin for hours.
Happy to dance in front of the mirror.
Even though every stitch of clothing is dirty and
the weather man predicts more snow.
but, he is a tease and so is the weather
and so am I.
I open your front door,
toss in a white-teeth smile, lovely perfume
and a grenade.
Retreat to the shelter of my warm bed.
Under soft sheets, my castle of
flashlights and maps.
Safe from all the ghosts.
Even though their existence is my doing.
I tried to fix the mess I made.
Sticky sweet apologies and Elmer's Glue.
But I didn't want to grow old.
I don't want to grow old. Not with you
and you wont stop trying to kiss me.
Don't you see how lonely you make me?
How lost I am without you?
"In the end it will be okay, love."
I know that, I've been here before.
I'll find more messes to make and
more pills to take and more smiles to fake.
It could be entertaining,
So stick around a while.
You'd be the first
to stay past intermission.

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